Barbara Davis

My work lies within the territory of inspiration, emotion and intuition. At the base of my work are positive affirmations. These thoughts are written directly on the paper or canvas and covered with layers of paint and material. The positive energy is hidden but still there and has a subconscious effect on the viewer. The texts within the work, seen und unseen, but rather felt, send their vibrations of goodwill. The colors, transport harmony and well-being to the viewer. The goal of my work is to have a positive effect on the observers.
– Barbara Davis

Born: USA 1953
Master Fine Arts-California State University

Bachelor Arts- Fine Art, Art History
Japan 1972, traditional arts classes, Kyoto Cultural Center
Rotary International Grant in Paris: Atelier 17, 1978-79
Lives and works in Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany since 1984


2017 Star des Jahres for cultural activities, Bielefeld, Germany
2000 „Blickwechsel“, Photography Competition, Gütersloh, Germany
1999 Herforder Recycling Kunstpreis
1997 Holterdorf Grafikpreis
1978 All California Arts, 1. Prize
1974 Esterly Research Grant, studies with Hopi Indian Kachinas


Bund Bildender Künstler
- the national professional artists organization for Germany
Kunstverein Beckum-Warendorf
Kunstverein Gruppe 13 in Herzebrock-Clarholz Germany

International symposiums

2005 Vellanoarte, Italy
2004 Vellanoarte, Italy
2003 International Artists Symposium, "Plenar", Valmiera, Latvia
2002 Löhne Art Symposium, Germany
1997 Guest teacher, Arkadia Summer Academy, Latvia

Exhibitions (abbreviated)

2021 Kuester House, St. Vit, Wiedenbrueck, Germany
2021 Kunstverein Gruppe 13, Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany
2021 KunstLaden Wiedenbrück, Germany
2021 Museum Kloster Clarholz, Germany
2020 Zeche Zollverein Essen, Germany
2019 Galerie Münsterland, Germany
2018 Kulturhaus Giethoorn, Netherlands
2018 Museum Abtei Liesborn, Germany
2017 „Where the Path Leads“ Kunstverein Gruppe 13, Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany
2015 Stadtmuseum Beckum, Germany
2013 Kunstverein Ahlen, Germany
2010 Kunsthaus Kätelhön, Wamel am Möhnesee, Germany
2006 MigrARTE, Frauenkunstforum OWL, Germany
2003 „Vellanoarte“ International Art Symosium, Vellano, Italy
2002 International Environment Painting Workshop Exhibition, Valmiera, Latvia
2002 „Woda“ (Wasser) Graudenz Museum, Graudenz, Poland
2001 “Papier Kult” Lübbecke, Stadtgalerie, Germany
2000 “Miniaturen” Wanderausstellung, Flora Westfalica, Germany
1998 „Hier und Jetzt“, Wanderausstellung, Gustav Lübke Museum, Germany
1998 WDR TV Studio Galerie, Bielefeld, Germany
1983 Riverside Art Museum, California, USA
1982 „All my things“ Galerie Blue, West Hollywood, USA
1979 Galerie Rue de Seine, Paris, France
1978 Exposition des Surindependents, Grand Palais, Paris, France
1978 Gallery, University California State University, USA
1975 Gallery of the Colleges, Scripps College, California, USA